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Day Four – Seven Days of Wool

I know that a sweater is traditionally meant to be a on top, I get that. But I was getting dressed this morning and I had a sort of epiphany that ended with me being really tired of the sweater’s normative role. It was time for a plaid button down to take the reins and while the one in question has no doubt had its 15 minutes, it’s never had the opportunity to really take control.

I wondered if the role reversal might harm the relationship between the mayering essentials. I’ve talked about the notion of wardrobe potential – perhaps this was just another step in the path to my sweater reaching its ultimate purpose. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but wonder, will taking the sweater out of its comfort zone result in it being a self-conscious shell of the sweater it once was? Or will it stand against all odds, blazing a trail for all of sweater-kind?

After spending the day in the eyes of the public while my sweater bravely took one for the team, I took into consideration the strange looks from what I’m now realizing must have been pro-tops and called this one a success. No more will my plaid be subjected to a life in the shadow of its woolen counterpart; a step forward in sartorial equality was taken this day and I celebrated with an umbrella dance.

Also, despite the following picture, I’m actually quite happy with the result of my sweater-plaid role-reversal experiment. What you’re seeing is a moment of contemplation, and a slight double chin; alas I’m smiling on the inside.

Joe Fresh sweater / vintage plaid / vintage leather / H&M denim

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Day Three – Seven Days of Wool

Day three found me listening to some friends present a communications plan they had developed for a woman who’s a wardrobe consultant. They presented, the client talked and the whole thing went really well. At the end of the presentation my comrades’ client said something that I found interesting and relevant to what I do here every day – ‘Wardrobe isn’t the most important thing in life, but when you get it right you can forget about it.’

The comment led me to think if I had reached my wardrobe potential. Does my closet have everything it needs to ensure I do? How would I know if it doesn’t? Will someone tell me? Is it an innate realization? A mixture of cringes from society? Getting the stink eye from the bus driver?

If one’s wardrobe were to reach its full potential does that mean you’ve narrowed yourself to one look? One set of colors? Textures? Or does potential mean a myriad of choices and style? Can one person have several defaults? Personally, my look changes from day-to-day and my closest reflects so. There are no strict guidelines and how I look is often a result of how I’m feeling. And I have A LOT of feelings.

Anyhow, what do you guys think?


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On Collars II

I once had a friend who insisted on simultaneously wearing multiple collared items. As a result, when I wasn’t wishing we had never met, I was trying to make peace with what had forever been a pet peeve of mine. There was always something about collar-on-collar relations that didn’t sit well with me. Maybe it was the excess bulk the team of collars added to your neck or maybe it was the barrage of buttons that almost always accompanied them – whatever the cause of my distaste, it existed.

Then came that faithful day when I thought what the hell, am I really going to go through life not having worn simultaneous button downs? What kind of fucking tragedy would that be? I would not allow it, I threw caution to the sartorial wind and I slapped on those collars like it was my job. Denim on plaid, plaid on denim and collars on collars; I went for it and never looked back.

And with everything considered: my past and the sizable growth in the proportions of my neck, I kinda like it. I even changed this photo to black and white to mark the momentous occasion that is today.

Having conquered my fear of the multicollar, I did what any man, woman or child would do: I leaned against the wall, collars on neck, gave my hamstrings a run for their money and sheepishly looked to my right, your left.

What are you sartorial pet peeves? Let’s discuss.

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