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Day Six – Seven Days of Wool

Albeit, the days are sporadic, they are no less woolderful. Today for instance, includes characteristics such as: a popped collar with leather detail, thrifted wool and a reversed DIY-collared denim jacket. While the following has little to do with my outfit for day six and more to do with the prospect of me living in a box come January – I’m nevertheless about to vent on the difficulty of finding living quarters in Toronto whilst currently living in Halifax.

I’ll call, we’ll chat, several pictures will be exchanged, a monetary email will be sent and voila, I’ll be sheltered for the winter months; if only. The difficulty in the process of ensuring both myself and my manfriend aren’t spending the winter months getting in touch with nature can easily be equated to the difficulty of looking at this and not feeling bad for everyone involved. EXTREMELY difficult.

What has been several months in the making has now gone beyond solely affecting my living situation to chipping away at my self-worth. I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t the scarcity of apartments but the dullness of my voice? volume of emails? or maybe the hyperbolic nature of my approach, i.e. ’I'm OVERJOYED at the sight of your apartment’, ‘My heart beats to your apartment’s drum’, ‘Your one bedroom fills a hole in the depths of my being incomparable to another inanimate object.’ that’s leading to an unprecendented number of no’s, sorry’s and get-away-me’s.

Just today I received an email that said, in its whole, ‘Not the way it works.’ If giving you an outrageous amount of money to live in an apartment that may or may not be large enough to house my collection of plaid, not to mention me, isn’t the way this works than I’m at a loss for words. When did finding somewhere to sleep and watch Homeland become so difficult? With that being said, if anyone has suggestions of places to look, or even better a penthouse condo in downtown Toronto free of charge, I’m all ears.

Also, day six.

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Day Five – Seven Days of Wool

Imagine my excitement when I found this fellow at Elsie’s yesterday. Before I even tried it on, I had a string of thoughts as to what the G could possibly stand for. I started with the obvious, as if a result of fate: gay. Moved on to: great, Gameboy, Gary, gargantuan. Ghastly, gang, ginger ale, German Sheppard, gastroenterologist, gaudy, gas, gourmet. Ghandi?

It was clear I would never know what the uber talented person who created this masterpiece had in mind when dousing the thing with an giant applique of the letter G, but I was allowed to wonder and wonder I would. The next step in my acquaintance with said masterpiece was darting into the change room and putting that woolen wonderfulness all over my upper-body.

I put it on and proceeded to do several full turns to ensure I gathered the whole picture. It wasn’t until I was well into my second full turn that I noticed an additional applique. A CAT. What was a cat doing on a sweater that was clearly meant to represent gastroenterology, the study of the digestive system and its disorders, I thought? What a twisted mind to have created such a thing.

I chalked up the juxtaposition of a bodily study with a rather aggressive head of a feline to creative genius, gave Elsie 20 bucks and headed home to watch the new episode of The Good Wife. In case you’re wondering, we call such days, a success.
Vintage varsity sweater / Topman jeans / Vintage leather jacket

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Day Four – Seven Days of Wool

I know that a sweater is traditionally meant to be a on top, I get that. But I was getting dressed this morning and I had a sort of epiphany that ended with me being really tired of the sweater’s normative role. It was time for a plaid button down to take the reins and while the one in question has no doubt had its 15 minutes, it’s never had the opportunity to really take control.

I wondered if the role reversal might harm the relationship between the mayering essentials. I’ve talked about the notion of wardrobe potential – perhaps this was just another step in the path to my sweater reaching its ultimate purpose. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but wonder, will taking the sweater out of its comfort zone result in it being a self-conscious shell of the sweater it once was? Or will it stand against all odds, blazing a trail for all of sweater-kind?

After spending the day in the eyes of the public while my sweater bravely took one for the team, I took into consideration the strange looks from what I’m now realizing must have been pro-tops and called this one a success. No more will my plaid be subjected to a life in the shadow of its woolen counterpart; a step forward in sartorial equality was taken this day and I celebrated with an umbrella dance.

Also, despite the following picture, I’m actually quite happy with the result of my sweater-plaid role-reversal experiment. What you’re seeing is a moment of contemplation, and a slight double chin; alas I’m smiling on the inside.

Joe Fresh sweater / vintage plaid / vintage leather / H&M denim

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