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That 70′s Shirt

Remember that one time I got lei’d? This time the floral resides not on my head and/or neck but on and around my torso. Speaking of garden variety prints and getting laid, I never did get behind That 70s Show. In the hypothetical circumstance I was a fangirl, I would imagine myself to be a mix of Fez and Kelso – if we’re doing that thing we do with Sex and the City in which we pretend to embody the personality of a character or mix of. Michael Kelso and I connect more on a sartorial level while I’m fairly certain Fez was a closet case, which is right up my alley. Cut back to the shirt in question – if you look hard enough you’ll notice that it is in fact transparent – nothing says 70s like a hint of floral print nip.

Vintage 70s l/s floral print button

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The Shoedal

Two birds with one stone: as poetic as the phrase might be, there’s some serious practicality to that shit. Haven’t the tops of both your feet ever been just a tad bit toasty? And haven’t you wished there was some sort of footwear out there that not only fit like a shoe but had the air-circulation of a sandal? Well, let your soles rest easy, my friends and welcome the brilliance that is the shoedal.

A combination of both shoe (i.e. loafer) and sandal: the shoedal provides the breeziness of classic hawt-day footwear and the stability and general, all-around gumption of the dress shoe. Needless to say, shoedals be killin’ all kinds of birds.

*No birds were hurt in the publishing of this post.


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