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Day Seven – Seven Days of Plaid

I’ve made it to the second portion of my vacation: my parent’s house. Where, like any self-respecting 22 year old, I plan to do nothing but eat and attempt to coax them into buying me things. Although, unfortunately like all … Continue reading

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Day Six – Seven Days of Plaid

My trip thus far has been pretty great. I’ve spent the majority of my time lying in my friend’s bed watching bad tv and eating minieggs which, let’s be serious, is a day well spent in anyone’s book. Although, I … Continue reading


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Day Five – Seven Days of Plaid

I’m about to get on a plane to fly back home to Newfoundland which feels a little too much like sitting on pee in the early morning and not enough like a vacation. But, not all is lost, I’ll be … Continue reading

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