Prada’s Pride?


While I’m still debating how I feel about using one’s sexuality as a publicity gain–I’m looking at you, Tila–I am happy to see queer identified, Ezra Miller in Prada’s latest Winter 2013 campaign. Perhaps, not as happy as I should be, given it debuted in March and I’m writing about it now, but beggars can’t be choosers, grass is greener and eat it, too or something.


I decided to throw Ben Whishaw in the mix, as well, if not solely for his role as a gay man and talented composer in last year’s Cloud Atlas, a character that eventually–spoiler alert!–kills himself because of a failed career, than his face.

Does anyone else think this is Karl’s ode to a year that’s had mixed reviews in terms of equality? I think so, but I’m also horribly sensitive to situations of the like. If nothing else, it can’t hurt.

Not completely unrelated, given Tilda and Ezra’s work together in We Need to Talk About Kevin and a giant pride flag, I’d also like to bring this to everyone’s attention:


Tilda strikes again. When not sleeping in a glass box at MoMA, the actrevist is waving a giant, illegal flag outside the Kremlin in Moscow. Russia recently passed a bill outlawing pride parade for the next 100 years and allowing Russian intolerants authorities to arrest any tourist under suspect of being gay. (What exactly does that mean? Do I have a freckle, cowlick, dick-shaped scar visible only to hyper-conservative, oppressive authoritarians?)

Also, it’s now illegal to distribute “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.” I’m assuming ‘non-traditional’ refers to propaganda that doesn’t stem from or support heterosexuality. If such is the case, I know some pretty risqué heteros that’ll given Putin a run for his bigotry.

Swinton asked that we share the message:  ’In solidarity. From Russia with love.’ So, please do.

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