Day Five – Seven Days of Wool

Imagine my excitement when I found this fellow at Elsie’s yesterday. Before I even tried it on, I had a string of thoughts as to what the G could possibly stand for. I started with the obvious, as if a result of fate: gay. Moved on to: great, Gameboy, Gary, gargantuan. Ghastly, gang, ginger ale, German Sheppard,¬†gastroenterologist, gaudy, gas, gourmet. Ghandi?

It was clear I would never know what the uber talented person who created this masterpiece had in mind when dousing the thing with an giant applique of the letter G, but I was allowed to wonder and wonder I would. The next step in my acquaintance with said masterpiece was darting into the change room and putting that woolen wonderfulness all over my upper-body.

I put it on and proceeded to do several full turns to ensure I gathered the whole picture. It wasn’t until I was well into my second full turn that I noticed an additional applique. A CAT. What was a cat doing on a sweater that was clearly meant to represent gastroenterology, the study of the digestive system and its disorders, I thought? What a twisted mind to have created such a thing.

I chalked up the juxtaposition of a bodily study with a rather aggressive head of a feline to creative genius, gave Elsie 20 bucks and headed home to watch the new episode of The Good Wife. In case you’re wondering, we call such days, a success.
Vintage varsity sweater / Topman jeans / Vintage leather jacket

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