Day Four – Seven Days of Wool

I know that a sweater is traditionally meant to be a on top, I get that. But I was getting dressed this morning and I had a sort of epiphany that ended with me being really tired of the sweater’s normative role. It was time for a plaid button down to take the reins and while the one in question has no doubt had its 15 minutes, it’s never had the opportunity to really take control.

I wondered if the role reversal might harm the relationship between the mayering essentials. I’ve talked about the notion of wardrobe potential – perhaps this was just another step in the path to my sweater reaching its ultimate purpose. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but wonder, will taking the sweater out of its comfort zone result in it being a self-conscious shell of the sweater it once was? Or will it stand against all odds, blazing a trail for all of sweater-kind?

After spending the day in the eyes of the public while my sweater bravely took one for the team, I took into consideration the strange looks from what I’m now realizing must have been pro-tops and called this one a success. No more will my plaid be subjected to a life in the shadow of its woolen counterpart; a step forward in sartorial equality was taken this day and I celebrated with an umbrella dance.

Also, despite the following picture, I’m actually quite happy with the result of my sweater-plaid role-reversal experiment. What you’re seeing is a moment of contemplation, and a slight double chin; alas I’m smiling on the inside.

Joe Fresh sweater / vintage plaid / vintage leather / H&M denim

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