Day Two – Seven Days of Wool

As Monday rolls into Tuesday, so does Day One into Day Two. Undeniably my favorite day for quite sometime now, Tuesday provides me with what is arguably my only reason for life, cheap movie night. Once a week I spend a couple hours sitting in a dark room with complete strangers, watching films of varying quality and eating food that cost more than I pay for internet. It’s wonderful.

I know I’m not the only one susceptible to the lure of 5 dollar hotdogs because I see herds of people after my own heart venturing to a night filled with the aromatics of melted butter and magic dust that can make your popcorn taste like ketchup or cheddar cheese.

What is it that truly makes my heart beat to the theater’s drum? I may never know, but for now I’ll enjoy sharing this ride to early-onset heart disease with my fellow movie-goers and perhaps some day I’ll better grasp the complexity of my feelings toward the movies and it’s grip over me.

Vintage leather jacket / Vintage camou button down / American Apparel wool / American Apparel pants / American Apparel socks / Vintage shoedals

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