Go Green Or Go Home

If I said some mornings when I wake up, before coffee but after peeing, I didn’t challenge myself to wear as much of the same color-genre as I possibly could, I’d be lying. Like the time Lindsay said she was ‘sober’ or Oprah said ‘No, I won’t give you that car. And my uterus’. But, enough about altruism.

To the ill-informed it may seem matchy-matchy. But to the well-versed, in both the military-esque attire and hyphens, it becomes a new lease onĀ Islamic green. One of color-blocking and superb stealth in parks and other highly wooded areas. Really though, on the spectrum of tan to forest green, for instance, there are some colors that I wouldn’t shake a stick at. Almost all of which go together in some combination of cuffed shorts or pocket clad jackets.

Add a watch desperately trying to pretend it’s real gold when in actuality it was bought for 10 dollars from a small Portuguese man on the street, and you’ve got yourself an outfit ready for the dusty trail.

Vintage military jacket. American Apparel viscose t. Shorts so old, their origin escapes me. Sperry shoes. Roadside watch.

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