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Well cuff my pants and call me Bobby

If you know anything about fashion week, you’ll know that as much as there is going on inside the tents, the real action is on the street. And this is no less true for us sartorial loving men. Street-style is … Continue reading

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Yugort, a band, and layers

Something both extremely awesome and horrendously awkward happened on my flight home yesterday. First: the awesome part, cause awesome is awesome. Awesome. I’ve been known to have a little anxiety when flying. I tend grip things really tightly: the seat, … Continue reading


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My 600lbs sweater

First of all, I’d like to send out a formal apology for the sporadic postings (or lack-there-of) over the last week. I’m deeply sorry folks. I’ve been re-watching episodes of Chelsea Lately as punishment. Now, on to more pressing matters … Continue reading

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